Waxphonics – UPMCD056 – Grooves, Beats and Turntablism

  1. 1 Shadow In The Sky

    Laid back FX and chilled hip hop beat with relaxed synth and guitar vibes and further scratch FX.

  2. 2 My Invest

    Chilled rhythmic Rhodes chill out groove with relaxed rhythm guitar and quirky glockenspiel melodies.

  3. 3 Melted Sugar

    Bright quirky chimes and theatrical organ grooves interplay above a languid hip hop beat & scratch FX

  4. 4 Smooth Toke

    Improvised Rhodes groove with heavy hip hop beat and scratch FX later morphing into a calm summer chill out groove.

  5. 5 Nothing Is Done For Nothing

    Eerie Rhodes melodies above atmospheric hip hop beats and FX.

  6. 6 At One Point

    Nonchalant relaxed beats and breaks with light xylophone additions.

  7. 7 Mars Moon Phobos

    Laid back synth and Rhodes melodies with easy going hip hop beats and soporific FX

  8. 8 Ask For The Dust

    Horizontally relaxed dubby beat and FX with raucous guitar licks adding edge later.

  9. 9 I Pay For Gasoline

    Cinematic crime movie groove with quirky horn stabs, heavy hip hop beats and edgy FX.

  10. 10 The Master

    Simple atmospheric percussive hip hop beat with interspersed lighter chime flurries and FX