Tropica – UPMCD043 – Deep House & Electro Pop

  1. 1 Opium

    Quirky upbeat horn and woodwind stabs and light vocal effects are joined by heavy bass and beats and angular synth washes.

  2. 2 Passionate Taste

    Heavily effected vocal top-line is underpinned by heavy though chilled beats and FX.

  3. 3 Somewhat Later

    Deep ambient synth washes and melodies and positive bright FX and beats create a relaxed Tropical beach vibe.

  4. 4 Audacious

    Ambient synth layers are quickly joined by rousing horns stabs, deep bass and quirky vocal effects.

  5. 5 Subterranean

    Deep bass, dreamy synth and pad washes, quirky bright vocals and tropical beats create a languid soporific track.

  6. 6 Epiphany

    Chilled synth washes are joined by bright guitar licks and effected vocal stabs.

  7. 7 Aesthetics

    Resonant bass and synth washes introduce this tropical house track with fast paced marimba arpeggios and vocal FX.

  8. 8 Innocuous

    Dreamy synth washes and ethereal languid vocals feature throughout this chilled Balearic track.

  9. 9 Oceania

    Quirky upbeat synth stabs underpinned by a hard hitting beat with vocal stab FX and pad washes.

  10. 10 Video

    Deep dreamy synth quickly gives way to building synth and string stabs with quirky melodic guitar phrases.