Synthwave – UPMCD038 – Retro, cinematic synthscapes

  1. 1 Sea of Infinity

    Languid dreamy synth and vocal washes develop with the addition of relaxed organ chords and fluttering flute synth arpeggios.

  2. 2 Black Light Shakedown

    Repeating harpsichord arpeggios and floating synth patterns are underpinned by a gritty reverberating bass and beat.

  3. 3 The Driver

    Bouncing synth line and uplifting walking pace beat interspersed with quirky short guitar and synth stabs.

  4. 4 District Six

    Lethargic synth block chords and a fast paced bass-line are joined by a floating, ethereal upper synth melody.

  5. 5 All A Dream

    Dirty frenetic glitch pads and edgy synth chords with forthright snare beat creates an ominous atmosphere.

  6. 6 Miami Ice

    Unhurried repeating piano chords evolve with an uplifting guitar solo and floating background synths.

  7. 7 Future in our Hands

    A solitary dark growling bass-line opens then drops out and track morphs into a positive uplifting synth house electro track.

  8. 8 Requiem in Neon

    Amorphous evolving synth washes and bright chimes effects are joined by stately synth chords and a  languorous  beat.

  9. 9 Robots

    Energetic synth chords and bold beat are joined by a soaring, building electric guitar solo.

  10. 10 Kiss the Clouds

    Hectic synth arpeggios and forceful snare beat are joined by frenetic synth stabs and disorientating FX.