Spirituals – UPMCD050 – Transcendent Emotive Sonic Textures

  1. 1 A Tale of Sorrow

    Ethereal synth washes and bright FX later joined by slow harmonious choral melodies building slowly to an uplifting finish.

  2. 2 As We Begin

    Amorphous, warm melodious ambience with uplifting and peaceful choral melodies at close.

  3. 3 Feelings Unknown

    Languid pulsing synth with calm string feathering above and uplifting, sincere cello and string melodies flowing throughout.

  4. 4 Outer Spheres

    Amorphous meditative synths create a celestial ambience with choral voice bringing  atmospheric drama.

  5. 5 Mechanical Soul

    Flowing echoed synth bass arpeggios are joined by minimal dream like futuristic atmospheres and ambience

  6. 6 Devotion

    Meditative dreamscape of synths and bass organ joined by rousing and uplifting choral melodies

  7. 7 Wandering Light

    Glacial digital synths and distant reverberations with solitary amorphous chimes and singing bowls

  8. 8 Inner Sanctuary

    Undulating bass and ethereal synth washes are joined by rousing organ arpeggios and triumphant cello melodies.

  9. 9 When It Breaks

    Hypnotic synths ebb and flow in spatial ambience building with organ and a powerful soaring solo voice

  10. 10 Quintessence

    Distant amorphous textures and effects with a sparse simple solo synth melody.

  11. 11 From a distance

    Amorphous bass drone and undulating synth textures and spatial ambience.