Spatial Drift – UPMCD022 – Evocative, ambient spatial excursions

  1. 1 Space Bass

    Deep, resonant bass moves under subtle synth effects and choral delays and refrains. Explorative and hopeful.

  2. 2 Angels of Galatea

    Spiritual lament with plaintive strings over reverb soaked choir and intermittent brighter solo guitar. Wistful and ethereal.

  3. 3 Ice Wastes of Pallador

    Guitar effects layer over strings, synths and a ringing dub bass with a phased guitar adding texture and leading towards a dramatic orchestral climax. Icy, watery depths.

  4. 4 Spatial Drift

    Jubilant voice and synth effects pan over a rhythmic bass riff, melodic refrains add texture and pause. Uplifting and radiant.

  5. 5 Hawking Radiation

    A pendulous, repeated slow chord sequence is augmented by distorted swoops and bright effects. Powerful and strange.

  6. 6 Earthrise

    Strings and orchestra are overlaid with a bright lead guitar, bells and guitar harmonics adding notes of  happiness. Joyful and melodic.

  7. 7 Solar Sail

    Picked guitar provides a melodic chorus, lush synthsisers and a dub bass add depth while an echoing guitar adds mystery. Cheerful and energetic.

  8. 8 Book of Hands

    An electric guitar-driven track evoking fantasy worlds, action, and drama. An orchestra and choir build on this and raise the emotions even higher. Epic procession.