Phosphenes – UPMCD041 – Emotional String Movements

  1. 1 Carry Me

    Simple piano arpeggios and moving emotional violins develop with the later addition of  optimistic, buoyant beats.

  2. 2 Don’t Look Back

    Beautiful yet melancholic violin and piano phrases are accompanied by darker, minimal electronic beats and pad effects.

  3. 3 Autumn Light

    Eerie electronic effects and restrained piano are juxtaposed later with affirming, building string passages.

  4. 4 Colours In The Shade

    Bright piano phrases are accompanied by ethereal violin melodies and later joined by relaxed electronic beats.

  5. 5 Emergence

    Haunting and pensive string themes ebb and flow with high pitched beep effects, sombre deep piano chords and rumbling bass pad effects.

  6. 6 Two Rings

    Optimistic lead violin melodies with bright strings and piano arpeggios and minimal glitch beats.

  7. 7 Beaming

    Dark distorted pads and effects underpin melancholic string phrases which build in intensity with layered electronic beats.

  8. 8 Rain on me

    Pensive string themes ebb and flow with glitch beats which build to an emotional climax.

  9. 9 Beneath The Scape

    Sparse piano chords introduce  moving and beautiful violin and string melody phrases that build in emotion to create a memorable cinematic composition.

  10. 10 If You Ever See

    Melancholic solo violin phrases and pensive glitch beats create an emotional, atmospheric composition.