Pastoria – UPMCD003 – Electro Acoustic Sonic Excursions

  1. 1 First Triad

    Melancholic finger picked dub – Melodic building finger picked acoustic guitar layers over broken electro beats with warm B-line into drops and glitch FX.

  2. 2 Delicate Phaze

    Calm evolving bell tones dub – Floating melodic bells and Rhodes layers over mellow granular shakers and warm low frequency looped waves ambience.

  3. 3 Sparticles

    Ethereal questioning harp-scape – Glittering melodic dulcimer and harp arpeggio layers building in rhythmic intensity to delayed spatial drops.

  4. 4 Honey Garden

    Euphoric uplifting dulcimer dub – Building melodic piano and dulcimer layers over bumping beats and bass into rhythmic drops with reversed FX and stings.

  5. 5 Feelin 3/4

    Questioning prepared piano-scape – Sonically evolving melodic prepared piano, rhythmically building to spatial ambience drops.

  6. 6 Iz U

    Reflective mandolins dub – Melancholic melodic pitch shifted granular Spanish guitars and mandolin layers building over broken glitch beats into drops.

  7. 7 Duality

    Inquisitive floating glitch dub – Melodic granular guitars and dulcimer layers over mellow glitched beats with beats drops in delayed spacial ambience.

  8. 8 Ergot

    Introspective wonky dub – Melancholic melodic phazing acoustic guitars and trippy blips over bouncing wonky beats with beat cuts and glitch FX.

  9. 9 Up Draught

    Uplifting guitar and broken beat dub – Melodic granular acoustic guitar and dulcimer arpeggio layers over broken beats into drops.

  10. 10 Solfeggio

    Hypnotic waltzing sinewaves dub – Building glitched sinewave melodies with granular synths lines and spatial acoustic guitars melodic response overlays.

  11. 11 Pentatonic Mandala

    Meditative glitchy piano dub – Mellow melodic piano and evolving warm synth lines over minimal glitched beats into rhythmic drops and spatial delayed FX.

  12. 12 StepFord Harps

    Schizophrenic glitched harps dub – Melodic granular harp and piano arpeggio layers building over broken beats with disturbing glitched digital SFX stings.