Oscillations – UPMCD034 – Future ambient sonic sequences

  1. 1 Juntos

    Solitary and simple piano notes are joined by atmospheric waves of building deep, spatial ambience.

  2. 2 Raw Textures

    Futuristic, jangly synths interplay over repetitive reverberating pads, under pinned by an edgy glitchy beat.

  3. 3 Neverland

    Pervasive sustained synths over tense futuristic glitch beats with erratic haunting swells & dark FX.

  4. 4 Beyond My Thoughts

    Atmospheric dark synth chord blocks evolve and morph over a trippy oscillating tech beat.

  5. 5 Only When It’s You

    Resonant piano chords are joined by edgy futuristic glitch beats and oscillating atmospheric swells and FX.

  6. 6 Diez

    Trippy futuristic electro-trance with fast paced repetitive hi-hat beat over atmospheric tech ambience.

  7. 7 Primordial Sound Waves

    Flowing tense synth melody lines and oscillating synth-waves move over a resonant dark beat.

  8. 8 While You Were Dreaming

    Stately and emotionally positive synth and organ chords move slowly over oscillating pads & synths.

  9. 9 Sleepless Nights

    Ethereal synth melodies slowly ebb and flow around a glitchy tech beat.

  10. 10 Fuego

    Wide dense spatial ambience and emotionally intense atmospheres underpinned by an oscillating glitch beat.