Odyssey – UPMCD029 – An evocative orchestral score

  1. 1 Opening

    Moving harp and piano phrases evolve with the addition of dramatic building full orchestration.

  2. 2 Dreaming At Sea

    Reflective, thoughtful piano arpeggios are later joined by poignant flowing strings.

  3. 3 Scouting For Gold

    Delicate piano and oboe chops and flute trills introduce a positive composition with continued drama from staccato strings and orchestration.

  4. 4 You Know What You Did

    Fast paced ricochet strings set the tone for a dramatic composition which builds and evolves with progressing orchestral themes.

  5. 5 The Estuary

    Edgy paranoid strings are reinforced by processional funeral piano chords, haunting vocals and a dark string underscore.

  6. 6 Difficult Memories

    Dream-like Tibetan singing bowls introduce a reflective composition with insistent string stabs and warm colliery band brass adding depth later.

  7. 7 Iwato & Hirajoshi

    Ethereal and light reverb guitar and piano phrases are later joined by frenetic string stabs and resounding bass adding later tension.

  8. 8 What Is Ahead

    Haunting and pensive string themes ebb and flow with high pitched flute flurries to create a strangely perturbing atmosphere.

  9. 9 Lost Battles

    Hopeful, buoyant piano themes and repetitions create a simple optimistic composition.

  10. 10 Hourglass

    Exuberant and jubilant fast paced string passages create an exultant theme reminiscent of a late Baroque celebration march.