Observations – UPMCD035 – Eclectic, mellifluous melodic excursions

  1. 1 Schwa

    Growling heavy bass line introduces a cinematic, orchestral trip hop composition which builds to a powerful climax.

  2. 2 Puerto Montt

    Evolving, ethereal string chords and playful chimes over edgy glitch beats building with warm, positive woodwind phrases.

  3. 3 Broomwood

    Dreamy guitar and synth washes evolve and interplay above a light glitch beat

  4. 4 Framework

    Relaxed echoed flute melodies waft above a chilled Rhodes led jazz groove

  5. 5 Breaking

    Calm and uplifting with soaring guitar melodies and light chime arpeggios layered over deep ambience and a building beat.

  6. 6 Tiles

    Dreamy light piano harmonies play over atmospheric synth washes, synth flutters, organic drums and reversed FX

  7. 7 Bokeh

    Dreamy eastern influenced string melodies intertwine over relaxed electronic production with light harp touches.

  8. 8 Broken Clock

    Fast paced repetitive mallet phrases double time over a relaxed backing which builds in drama to conclusion

  9. 9 Refractions

    Dancing dulcimer and nimble chimes play over a relaxed world influenced percussive backing with atmospheric vocal chants.