Obscura – UPMCD052 – Dramatic European Electro Noir

  1. 1 Babeth Is Missing

    Haunting piano introduction quickly joined by edgy string chords,  hard hitting percussive beat and later a melancholic flute.

  2. 2 Trees Outside

    Quirky abstract synth melody underpinned with dominant electronic beats and breathy FX, which build in intensity.

  3. 3 Baranne

    Quirky synth and chime rhythms joined by phasing pads and later stately processional piano chords.

  4. 4 Snow Town

    Bright, ethereal chimes are later joined by hypnotising synth arpeggios and languid resonant bass.

  5. 5 Run Till Death

    Tense synth arpeggios, hard hitting beats, deep bass and FX create an oppressive dramatic atmosphere

  6. 6 The Red House

    Deep, gnarly sub bass, filtered edgy FX and glitched beats throughout this tense foreboding dramatic electronica.

  7. 7 Pin Drop

    Soft piano chords and deep reverberating sub bass flow amongst deep spatial ambience.

  8. 8 Relaxing Time

    Relaxed walking beat and chilled electronic instrumentation with simple languid piano chord melodies.

  9. 9 Mystic Shape

    Deep pulsing rhythmic drums, atmospheric FX, an edgy Harpsichord and building strings in this Eastern influenced electronica

  10. 10 Sixth Tense

    Eerie FX, acidic piano chords, deep heavy sub bass and beats create a tense dramatic atmosphere

  11. 11 It Matters

    A dark insistent beat and deep bass-line underpin edgy displaced strings and haunting synth swells and FX.

  12. 12 Qualms

    Ghostly string stabs and sustained chords intermittently rise through layers of dark beats and atmospheric FX