Neon Lights – UPMCD054 – Glossy Futuristic Sonicscapes

  1. 1 Tranquil Transients

    Minimal laid back Balearic infused textures and FX are later joined by a relaxed beat and floating ethereal choral tones.

  2. 2 Late Night Neon

    Futuristic blippy beats underpin deep expansive synth layers and textures.

  3. 3 The Struggles

    Epic, uplifting string layers undulate above futuristic synth arpeggios and warm FX.

  4. 4 Duty Of Care

    Bright fast paced synth pulses, spatial ambient sound-beds with light touches of FX.

  5. 5 See You Again

    Atmospheric waves of deep spatial ambience, laid back electro tribal beats and wafts of magical, light FX.

  6. 6 Just When You Thought

    Mellow but bright sustained Rhodes chords are joined by airy synth washes and relaxed futuristic beats.

  7. 7 Recharge

    Edgy chords morph around trippy oscillating synths, a stately glitch beat and later warm key phrases.

  8. 8 Too Abundant

    Uplifting, warm synth chords and oscillating synth waves nestled amongst deep spatial ambience.

  9. 9 Juno Journeys

    Bright magical synths dance above hard glitch beats and deep dark reverberating bass.

  10. 10 Left Behind

    Languid synth arpeggios interplay above mellow warm synth strings chords and bright FX.