Minimalism – UPMCD047 – Sparse Spacial Aesthetics

  1. 1 Touching Light

    Dreamy ethereal synths and pads echo through a peaceful atmospheric sound bed.

  2. 2 King’s Labyrinth

    Mournful marching percussion with haunting ambient FX and eerie interplaying melodic phrases.

  3. 3 Simple Pictures

    Minimal abstract chime and synth phrases interwoven to create a disconcerting ambience

  4. 4 Crystal Rain

    Bright, calming chime arpeggio phrases move gracefully above ethereal FX and ambient minimal sound beds

  5. 5 Saving Lives

    Calm and relaxing tones and textures ebb and flow with shimmering melodic FX

  6. 6 Science Fiction

    Deep atmospheric drone evolves with the addition of erratic melodic sequences and later also uplifting spatial ambience.

  7. 7 Piano Impressions

    Calm, and uplifting with gamelan and chimes layered alongside a gentle spatial ambience with intermittent pad improvisations.

  8. 8 Taking Flight

    Deep ethereal synths and pad washes float beneath bright and uplifting fast paced melodic arpeggios.

  9. 9 Beauty and Technology

    Dancing synth melodies and nimble chime arpeggios play above a hopeful spatial ambience.

  10. 10 Future Nostalgia

    Sparse, meditative dreamscape gently unfolds within a sparse, tense spatial ambience