Lo-Fi Dreams – UPMCD044 – Jazz, Grooves, Breaks & Beats

  1. 1 Dirty Deal

    Rhodes based groove & rhythm with relaxed but cool and sophisticated jazz horn melodies.

  2. 2 Bungalow Just For Me

    Chilled rhythmic groove with bright, relaxed jazz vibraphone improvisations and dreamy synth washes.

  3. 3 Lucky Mojo

    Bright fast paced chimes and flute flurries introduce and continue throughout a high energy cinematic groove with darker rolling bass and beats and later, horns stabs.

  4. 4 Nitty Gritty

    Laid back Rhodes jazz disco groove with funky walking bass and later joined by vibraphone and synth jazz improvisations.

  5. 5 Poontang

    Dirty cinematic hip hop beat with edgy quirky FX and melodic repeated vibraphone stabs.

  6. 6 Beedle Um Bum

    Big horn riffs feature throughout this fast paced and funky retro cinematic action track.

  7. 7 Old Quaker Boy

    Heavy organ stabs, dark edgy beats and quirky FX with frenetic guitar melodies later.

  8. 8 YoYo Gitfiddle

    Fast paced cinematic hip hop groove with atmospheric FX and vibraphone and chime arpeggios.

  9. 9 Big Wig, Big Bit

    Classic seventies crime film cinematic groove track with flute, wah wah guitar licks and bright percussion.