Industria – UPMCD036 – Deep, Industrial Sound Design

  1. 1 Departed Mind

    A dark insistent beat and deep bass-line underpin paranoid repeating chime phrases and edgy FX which builds in intensity.

  2. 2 Trapped Inside

    Insistent growling sub-bass introduces a heavy electro-tribal beat with high pitched angular FX and wailing guitar phrases.

  3. 3 The Drill

    An eerie single clock chime melody repeats throughout and is joined by heavy bass, frenetic broken beats and stark FX.

  4. 4 Distant Desire

    Frenetic beats underpin atmospheric, haunting synth swells and FX;  later reinforced by dark heavy bass and harder beats.

  5. 5 Before The Light

    A sonorous synth melody is joined by a slow leaden beat, echoed bass and interspersed with howling guitar phrases.

  6. 6 The Escape

    A simple repetitive piano melody is joined by dark rhythmic pads, rapid stuttered beats and later a synth phrase mirroring the piano.

  7. 7 Unknown Reflections

    Futuristic swirling synths and FX are underpinned by a dark industrial beat.

  8. 8 Unforeseen Disruption

    Foreboding atmospheric pads and intermittent bass stabs lay the foundation for an edgy, haunting dub track.

  9. 9 Scandal

    Ghostly synths wash over atmospheric spatial ambience and a pulsing bass and beat with distorted guitars at conclusion.

  10. 10 Termination

    Reverberating coarse bass synths with off-beat blips are joined by lethargic swirling synth melodies.