Gossamer – UPMCD051 – Melodic Ambient Spatial Textures

  1. 1 Inertial Creep

    Languid and thoughtful piano melodies and chords waft above amorphous spatial textures and FX.

  2. 2 Tantric Hibernation

    Airy eastern influenced electronica with relaxed tribal chime percussion, woodwind phrases and light FX.

  3. 3 Somniferous Momentum

    Relaxed meditative dreamscape with echoed piano phrases and deep spatial ambience.

  4. 4 Vapour Float

    Heartwarming and bright harp and piano melodies float around airy FX and a gentle relaxed backing beat.

  5. 5 Floral Evaporation

    Sparse, meditative atmospheres and undulations and the whisper of an echoed piano gently unfold within a deep spatial ambience.

  6. 6 Linear Dimensions

    Minimal glacial drone FX,  deep sub bass and distant reverberations with fragile moments of piano melody.

  7. 7 Kalahari Thirst

    Twinkling bells and chimes dance around fluid bass and pad textures and deep FX.

  8. 8 Melting Rainbow

    Hypnotic and soporific sound-scape with reverberating drones  and ethereal soprano vocal and chime melodies.

  9. 9 Thunder Cloud

    Deep and mysterious evolving tones and textures with crackles, FX and expansive spatial ambience.

  10. 10 Shower of Light

    Warm, atmospheric organ and strings swell and build over a relaxed beat to an uplifting climax.