Galvanise – UPMCD017 – Sonic Adventures in French Electro

  1. 1 American Traveller

    Pulsing, rhythmic synths flow over laid back French electro house beats. Dynamic and positive

  2. 2 Don’t Trouble The Scientist

    Driving electro house with grooving bass-line and quirky synth passages. Upbeat and hard hitting.

  3. 3 Nothing But

    Aggressive, raucous tech house growler with dirty squelch synth and fast paced beats. Heavy and gnarly.

  4. 4 Baby Hobo

    Filtered hard rock electro banger with nasty engorged electronic riffs and torqued organs. Hard and filthy.

  5. 5 Holy Ghost Party

    Electro disco French house groove with bouncing b-line and funky synth stabs. Sexy French chic.

  6. 6 Jelly Box

    Driving electro house with dirty B-line groove overlaid with quirky electro stabs and effects. Relentless and driving.

  7. 7 Sticky

    Upbeat, sexy French electro house grooves with offbeat synth effects building to rhythmic fast paced arpeggios. Pure French touch.

  8. 8 It Bites A Bit

    Cool electro disco house with stuttering synths and pumping beats. Energetic and sexy.

  9. 9 Night Trip To Portland

    Bouncing driving electro house groove with filtered guitar riffs and thumping percussion that builds to crescendo. Fast paced

  10. 10 Nebula In Sight

    Pulsing, erratic and fast paced synth arpeggios weave over French electro house beats. Frantic yet stylish.