Folkopoeia – UPMCD040 – Comforting Uplifting Acoustic Melodies

  1. 1 Say Goodbye

    A beautiful, uplifting acoustic composition with 2 guitars interplaying using a bright, happy palette of melodies.

  2. 2 Tide Times

    Light hearted uplifting guitar picked melodies are joined by warm strings and a simple tambourine beat.

  3. 3 Guggenheim

    Dancing glockenspiel and chime melodies and nimble marimba arpeggios interplay throughout this delicate bright composition.

  4. 4 First Snow of Winter

    A positive and optimistic guitar composition with a sprightly glockenspiel dancing above and comforting strings lending warmth and support.

  5. 5 Fulfil

    Balmy guitar picked melodies, relaxed languid percussion backing and a soporific vocal layer create a wonderfully lazy summer vibe.

  6. 6 Secret Mana

    Wistful, melancholic violin melodies are backed by acoustic guitar layers and simple organic percussion in this lovely, nostalgic composition.

  7. 7 Seafarer

    Bright, clear guitar picked melodies and a simple plucked guitar lead melody interplay throughout this positive charming composition.

  8. 8 Streets of Dobuita

    Sunny bright guitar melodies rapidly interplay in this enchantingly optimistic composition evoking sun baked days.