Flow Motion – UPMCD012 – Electro Melodic Rhythm-Scape

  1. 1 Promethian

    Reflective piano figures with glitched beats.

  2. 2 Oxygen Bells

    Uplifting vibraphone, marimba and bells arpeggios on glitched bouncy beats with spatial delays.

  3. 3 Hi Glow Tines

    Heartfelt piano builds over breakbeats with drops and delayed FX.

  4. 4 Hydrogen Nursery

    Jolly pianos, recorder and marimbas on bouncing glitched beats.

  5. 5 Mrs Hippies Turning

    Uplifting digital mallets and granular guitar building over bouncing grainy beats.

  6. 6 Human Pintrest

    Melodic synths build over electro-breaks and drops.

  7. 7 One Drop Of Gold

    Mellow melodic piano with synth lines, warm pads and deep break beats.

  8. 8 Transit Chiron

    Floaty marimba and vibraphone with synth pads over glitched breaks.

  9. 9 Orpheus

    Reflective granular guitar loops building over sweeping synths on deep beats.

  10. 10 Melancholia

    Piano, koto and tuba cut ups building over crunchy percussion and beats.

  11. 11 Broadband Toe

    Exuberant analogue synths and chopped guitars on electro breaks.

  12. 12 Glitch Rider

    Driving glitched synths on bouncing breakbeats.