Floating Points – UPMCD007 – Emotive Spatial Ambiences

  1. 1 Floating Points

    Trippy glitched tambura layers building to blip drops in breathy spatial ambience.

  2. 2 Coronal Mass Ejection

    Ominous pulsating modular synths creating tension that builds to frequency climaxes with delayed SFX.

  3. 3 Radiant Tea

    Uplifting particle synth sweeps building with climactic blips in dense glitched spatial ambience.

  4. 4 DroneCraft

    Deep modular Moog synth evolving in heavy spatial ambience.

  5. 5 Train Sundance

    Meditative granular evolving tonescape in spatial ambience with glitched sound design overlays.

  6. 6 Quantum Toll

    Radiant Tibetan singing bowl layers morphing in delayed and glitched spatial ambience.

  7. 7 High Plains Glitcher

    Lonely FM synth layers building into a glitched torn widescreen spatial ambience.

  8. 8 SawDust

    Calming melodic grainy FM layers in dusty wide evolving spatial ambience.

  9. 9 Botox Frock

    Tortured woodwind and granular strings twisted in ambient tension spaces.

  10. 10 Glacial Melt

    Slow motion choral vocal layers evolving in deep granular spatial ambience.

  11. 11 Kill Zone

    Menacing glitched cymbal layers filtered in dark spatial ambience.

  12. 12 Dark Forces

    Foreboding dark glitched synth layers with morphing blips in dark spatial ambience.