Exotica – UPMCD008 – Acoustic Electro Percussive Rhythmscapes

  1. 1 Cosmic Mardi Gras

    Vibrant Latin percussion with uplifting synth melodies. and evolving spatial pads.

  2. 2 Cuica Brazilica

    Driving Brazilian percussion workout with vibrant cuica riffs, synths wobbles building into FX drops.

  3. 3 Warrior Fire

    Trippy kalimba melodies on deep tribal beats with evolving spatial pads, building to FX drops.

  4. 4 Mayan Flame

    Radiant marimba and bansuri flute melodies on mystically turning South American hand percussion, with drops.

  5. 5 KimKimUdu

    Vibrant African udu, conga and foot bell percussion builder with uplifting swept modular pads and delayed FX.

  6. 6 Nile Shelter

    Driving darbuka drums and zil percussion builder with tension synths and vocal FX.

  7. 7 Primal Fruits

    Glitched tribal percussion builder with blessed out kora melodies and drops.

  8. 8 Carnival Drive

    Brazilian berimbau and percussion building into euphoric vocal drops with FX.

  9. 9 Anjuna Market

    Meditative tabla and khol layers with pulsing hypnotic bleeps and abstract ambiences.

  10. 10 Masala Raga

    Uplifting sitar melodies on driving raga tablas and Bhangra beatbox with vocal hits and drop.

  11. 11 Afgani Step

    Afghani sand rebab melodies over chilled Eastern dubstep percussion with evolving synths and drops.

  12. 12 Hacer La Plancha

    Hypnotic, floaty synths on glitched up Afro-Cuban percussion with FX builds and cuts.