Evolutionaries – UPMCD006 – Leftfield Sonic Motion Sequences

  1. 1 Suspended Animation

    Meditative Rhodes piano-scape with diaphanous flute loops in an atmospheric glitchy spatial ambience.

  2. 2 Harmagedon

    Apocalyptic Eastern sample-scape, melodic oud sample cut ups with dramatic twisted hand percussion and glitched FX in looped ambience.

  3. 3 Chi Mima

    Delicate tinkling chime-scape, melodic glittering bell chimes evolving in spatial ambience with drops and filtered delays.

  4. 4 Den City

    Alienated particle synthesis motion-scape, mutating synths, layered cut up rhythmic loops, building glitches to dynamic drops with FX stings.

  5. 5 Flow Thing

    Uplifting arpeggio glimmering blips and glitch sequences, floating in evolving ambience and delays.

  6. 6 Gamalanafan

    Anxious polyrhythmic gamelan figures pitch shifted, re- sampled, cut and re- triggered with spatial ambience and reversed sound FX.

  7. 7 Moss Tide

    Melancholic glitched harp-scape, melodic glitched harp loops building in intensity to re-triggered drops with filtered delays.

  8. 8 Mysterio

    Mysterious granular choral-scape, slowly morphing vocal samples building into glitched metallic loops with interference noise.

  9. 9 Sea Freak

    Ethereal modular synth-scape, slowly evolving calming pads with swept string sample cut ups immersed in wide dense moving ambience with white noise FX.

  10. 10 Tox Sin

    Ominous tension glitch-scape, intense building twisted orchestra samples cut into dark pulsing beats with drops and SFX.

  11. 11 Blipsoid

    Intense mutating blip-scape, dark Moog blip sequences building into intense mutated granular glitched release drops.

  12. 12 Evolution Harry

    Menacing modular synth-scape, dark modular synthesis bleeps with filtered granular sequence builds and interference FX in wide dark ambience.