Electrosonics – UPMCD001 – Electronica, Beats, Blips & Glitch Sonics

  1. 1 2BLNG

    Haunting tension glitchdub – Intense glitched beats with melodic evolving sinewave building B -line and gated and reversed FX stings.

  2. 2 Nocturnia

    Oppressive orchestral dubscape -Twisted, torn orchestral colours with building intensity metallic scrapes and low frequency FX stings.

  3. 3 Wonky Bounce

    Uplifting schizophrenic grind -Bouncing wonky beats, ultra groovy bass, melodic synths with flipped beats cuts, weird FX and dubbed delay stings.

  4. 4 Fellow Arp

    Mellow arpeggio dubscape – Incorporating soft evolving melodic analogue arpeggio layers building into warped detunes and falling drops in spacial delayed ambience.

  5. 5 M Theory

    Melancholic warped dubspace – Mutating modular synths set in alienated spacial ambience with tension building noise FX stings.

  6. 6 Brain Freeze

    Sinister bit crushed glitchdub – Harsh glitch beats with nasty building lofi gated sequences and clipping noise FX.

  7. 7 Belladonna

    Ominous dark energy dub – Haunting oscillating bells and evolving Moog layers over bit crushed broken beats into drops with pulsing granular FX stings.

  8. 8 AnaMorphia

    Delicate questioning cyberscape – Flowing melodic granular harp morphing in random delayed ambience with pitch shifting FX.

  9. 9 Pulsatatta

    Relentless driving electro dub – Heavily processed emotive vocal lines over hard electro beats into drops with pulsing melodic gated synths and SFX stings.

  10. 10 Tones Alone

    Inquisitive emergent tonescape – Pretty melodic space tones and harp layers building into delayed spacial FX drops.

  11. 11 Wicca Man Brakes

    Menacing pagan dub – Brooding dark piano melodies over heavy glitched up beats into drops with alienated SFX stings.

  12. 12 Esoteric

    Alienated psychotropic blipscape – Emergent poly rhythmic wideband frequency blip scape in close spaced ambience.