Dubscapes – UPMCD004 – Sonic Adventures In Dub

  1. 1 Dubcore

    Menacing dubstep grinder – Dark grime synth lines on minimal heavy beats and bass with electro blips and twisted FX.

  2. 2 Adhan Dub

    Hypnotic eastern dub – Emotive swirling flutes on dark bass with deep minimal beats, filtered moog blips and spatial delayed FX.

  3. 3 Urban Pursuits

    Relentless dubstep driver – Intense lo-fi sequences over heavy hitting dubstep beats and bass with LFO blips and FX stings.

  4. 4 K San Fu

    Climactic dub tension builder – Epic brass lines over dubhop beats and B line with distorted glitch FX and delayed stings.

  5. 5 DubStep Pressure

    Twisted dubstep intensifier – Rough driving dubstep beats using heavy B line and intense LFO synth lines, spatial FX and extreme blippage.

  6. 6 DubScape

    Atmospheric glitched dubscape – Mellow melodic gated synths lines over glitched up grime beats and bass with delayed FX and stings.

  7. 7 HardStepper

    Driving nu bali dub – Harsh pushing filtered synth lines over tense dancehall beats and B line with drop and lo-fi swept FX stings.

  8. 8 Dubnotic

    Trippy dubstep groover – Melodic electro harps over groovin B-line and beats with warm pads and delayed FX into drops.

  9. 9 SearchLights

    Haunting dub step excursion – Melancholic warm synth lines over heavy B-line with stuttered sequences and atmospheric FX stings.

  10. 10 ToneCuming

    Oppressive dubscape skanker – Dark dubstep beats and bass with spatial atmospheric keys and stuttered spin back FX stings.

  11. 11 Tabernacle

    Intense dubhop beats builder – Climactic brass, pulsing filtered synths into release drops and delayed lo-fi blip FX.

  12. 12 Wounded Bud

    Mellow melodic skank dub – Falling guitar melodies over deep dub skank beats and bass with warm blips and delayed FX.