Dub Progressive – UPMCD031 – Heavy Bass and Trippy Beats

  1. 1 Cruise Control

    Atmospheric strings and choral effects interplay with twang guitar over a staccato bass riff and filter effects. Relaxation building to a climax.

  2. 2 Dark Forces

    Dark synth melodies and throttled guitars over echoing beats, chimes and choral effects. Dark and brooding.

  3. 3 Dance of the Meteors

    Spaced out reggae influenced beat and bass line with percussive guitar and tube driven vibe melodies. Positive and trippy.

  4. 4 Lady J

    Stately duel bass melodies and gentle keyboards with echoing effects and choir. Melodic and regal.

  5. 5 Dr Doom

    Dark synth melodies and driving beats with ominous strings and haunting guitar licks.

  6. 6 Space Hopper

    Groovy bass and organ riffs with spacey light synth effects. Playful and bright.

  7. 7 Mars Express

    Walking slow disco bass and 60’s style groove and sci-fi effects with quirky organ stabs. Fun and quirky.

  8. 8 Moon Encounter

    Sweeping layered synth and string melodies with bright twinkle effects and a slow casual beat. Relaxed and carefree.

  9. 9 QWER

    Layered synth melodies with subtle guitar licks and a minimal electro prog beat. Reflective and longing.

  10. 10 Death Star

    Heavy guitar and bass riffs juxtaposed by light chimes and handbells over a deep Bonzo beat.  Solemn and funereal.