Drowned World – UPMCD037 – Electro Choral Landscapes

  1. 1 Dark Horizon

    Dark echoing repetitive beats and blips and dissonant bass rumbles are later joined by a floating soprano vocal melody.

  2. 2 Drowned World

    Oppressive synth drones and a distant resonant timpani beat are layered with an ethereal choral vocal melody to create a constrained intensity.

  3. 3 Scavenger

    Fluttering light chime and vocal melodies rapidly shift in intensity with the introduction of dark filtered drone calls,  disorientating organ and horn melodies and building erratic vocal layers.

  4. 4 Glaciers Form

    Building layered vocal textures with deep sonorous drone like pads and futuristic blip sound design creates a tense claustrophobic atmosphere.

  5. 5 Body of Lines

    Insistent lo-fi percussive pulse and repeating vocal chant is joined by layers of distorted pads and an insistent beat, further vocal chants and tortured disorientated FX.

  6. 6 Faces in the Wall

    Warm ambient drone bed and ethereal choral vocal harmonies are later joined by beautiful soaring soprano melodies.

  7. 7 Imagined Sky

    Floating angelic melodic vocal textures and unearthly pads create a deeply calming wide spatial ambience.

  8. 8 Abyss to Abyss

    Deep ethereal pads and atmospheric FX are overlaid with soaring vocal harmonies and underpinned with a minimal glitch beat and warm synth ambience.