Dimensions – UPMCD021 – Retro, eclectic cine-scapes

  1. 1 Obsession

    Intense cinematic strings evolve into sinister arpeggiated synths laid over recurrent bass led beat. Futuristic and dark.

  2. 2 Electra

    Upbeat disco riff with resonant bass-line evolves with additional layers of synths and rhythm patterns. Optimistic and energetic.

  3. 3 Sirens Haunt

    Eerie melancholic vocal melody laid over dark evolving synth chords and rhythmic arrangements. Emotional and mysterious.

  4. 4 The Clock

    Frenetic and tense synths interplay over crunchy beats and a dark growling bassline. Ominous and quirky.

  5. 5 Invitation to the voyage

    Ethereal voices laid over droning background with building arpeggio bass line to climatic resolution. Edgy and emotional.

  6. 6 Escape from the night

    Mysterious bell melody over soft strings turns from melancholy to sinister ending with dark bass line and high dissonant strings. Emotional contradiction.

  7. 7 A former life

    Uplifting dreamy synths laid over ambient FX and swells.  Underwater love.

  8. 8 Oblivion

    Dismal melody laid over deranged synths evolves with stark beat and dark droning bass. Ominous and chilling.