Cosmosis – UPMCD023 – Hypnotic, atmospheric sonic trips

  1. 1 Floating Cloudscapes

    Melodic, atmospheric sound-scape . Swirls of strings and synth arpeggios interplay over angular beats and blips. Deep and uplifting.

  2. 2 Hidden Truths

    Repetitive reverberating pads and synths pulse underneath bright chimes and bells. Warm, thoughtful and mellow.

  3. 3 Modulator

    Up-tempo techno space-scape, Psychedelic effects, sweeps and swirls phase in and out over a driving tribal rhythm. Euphoric and uplifting.

  4. 4 Spiritualism

    Emotional ambient-scape. Strings, synths and flutes weave over a mellow tribal beat through ebbing sweeps and washes. A digital prayer.

  5. 5 The Miracle of Life

    Tech-house urban-scape. Up-tempo driving tech house workout with repetitive arpeggio layers and a relentless rhythmic beat. Dark and edgy.

  6. 6 Hints of the Future

    Futuristic ambient tech-scape. Deep, resonant bass and edgy futuristic glitch beats resonate below atmospheric swells and delays.

  7. 7 Brainstorm

    Up-tempo tech-scape. Trippy spaced out futuristic house with driving fast paced repetitive beat and eerie effects.

  8. 8 Infinite Space

    Ambient drone-scape. Floating flutes meander above breathy spatial ambience and a tech influenced tribal beat.

  9. 9 Runaway

    Melodic tech house.  Processional dark chord blocks repeat and evolve, morphing over a trippy tech beat.

  10. 10 Outro

    Ambient future-scape. Wide dense spatial ambience and emotionally intense atmospheres.