Clubtronic – UPMCD039 – High Octane Dynamic EDM

  1. 1 Devastation

    Uplifting electronic layered synth intro is joined by dramatic, positive horns and string stabs all underpinned by a driving beat.

  2. 2 Lock Down

    Heavy bass led grime beat with powerful simple horn chords, rebel rousing vocal chants and distorted synths.

  3. 3 Ripsaw

    Euphoric melodious synth layers underpin a pounding dirty FX synth, a pumping relentlessly hard beat and dubstep FX.

  4. 4 The Titan

    Euphoric synth layers and sexy vocal stabs slip into a throbbing high octane EDM banger that builds and builds to massive finish.

  5. 5 Horny Traps

    Lumbering gargantuan horns predomoinate throughout this quirky, filthy grime based dramatic monster.

  6. 6 Saw Bites

    Heavy FX and synth melodies with an edgy syncopated beat underpin this glossy electro track with the addition of sexy vocal effects.

  7. 7 The Heavyweight

    Cinematic strings and glockenspiel arpeggios build and are then joined by thunderous horn synth chords, edgy grimey beats and dramatic pulsing FX.

  8. 8 Shakedown

    Melodic EDM synth chords open and are juxtaposed by a heavy growling dubstep effects and a edgy beat.