Cityscapes – UPMCD025 – Melodic urban street beats

  1. 1 Sindhu

    Beguiling piano laid over swelling breathy textures, atmospheric guitar distortion and  languid, heavy trip hop beats.

  2. 2 Final Tear

    Tense string chords and chant vocals underpinned by a forceful tribal hip hop beat, climaxing with euphoric piano build.

  3. 3 Penny Rain

    Warm, atmospheric synths and strings swell and build over a resonant chill hop beat to resounding uplifting climax.

  4. 4 Foot Soldier

    Emotive synth underscore and tribal beat evolves with chant vocals and finally builds to uplifting conclusion with strings and horns.

  5. 5 Beast of the North

    Sultry electro swamp blues work-out with grinding guitar licks over dark percussive tribal beats and organ riffs.

  6. 6 Hollow

    Light hearted piano melody bounces along below sun-baked steel string guitar riffs and shuffling wash board style drums.

  7. 7 Open Heart

    Dark, dense synths sweep and mutate under juxtaposed piano and guitar passages.

  8. 8 Old Man

    Melancholic piano melody meanders over an ambulatory bass and synth beat with a string flourish at climax.

  9. 9 Whoo Trap

    Futuristic tension building urban-scape with dark vocal and edgy string stabs.