Cinematica – UPMCD026 – Dramatic Moods and Light Tension

  1. 1 Cathedral Ocean

    Evocative and poignant piano with warm string orchestration building to dramatic positive climax. Heart-warming and inspiring.

  2. 2 City Lights

    Nimble piano arpeggios progressively build with added strings, chimes and light instrumentation to feel good resolve. Upbeat and positive.

  3. 3 Lacrimosa

    Longing strings swell and flow around a simple, gentle piano melody. Yearning and passionate.

  4. 4 Widow’s Peak

    Powerful and dark trailer style track with demonic choir, menacing horn blasts over driving percussion, beats & effects.  Frenetic and crazed.

  5. 5 Rise

    Buoyant indie electro track with bouncing bass line, swooping strings and off beat synth stabs and effects. Joyous and celebratory.

  6. 6 The Awakening

    Uplifting and soaring string melodies flow under bright arpeggios and grand piano chords. Proud and valiant.

  7. 7 Break of Dawn

    Euphoric strings rise and fall over a gentle electronic beat with interwoven uplifting piano phrases. Joyful and enraptured.

  8. 8 Greed

    Evocative solo piano quickly builds into rousing strings over driving beats and subsides to piano reflection in middle and at resolution. Thoughtful and positive juxtaposition.

  9. 9 Till The End

    Positive power ballad piano chords lead into middle section of upbeat jubilant string led rhythms and melodies with quiet piano resolve. Jubilant and powerful.

  10. 10 Daydreaming

    Uplifting and inspiring piano and string melodies build to dramatic and affirming conclusion. Adventurous and intrepid.