Chill Exotica – UPMCD033 – Laid Back Worldwide Grooves

  1. 1 Open Mind

    Echoed piano arpeggios wash over dreamy atmospheric pads. An uplifting percussive melody enters with a peaceful cello

  2. 2 Night Safari

    Mellow soft pianos & ambient guitar swells with a lighter mallet section intertwine over relaxed ethnic percussion

  3. 3 Kyoto

    Dreamy eastern influenced sounds and percussion intertwined with relaxed electronic production and light piano melodies

  4. 4 Distant Dawn

    Delicate pianos laden with a groovy mix of marimbas, staccato violins and pads, all carried by relaxed ethnic percussion

  5. 5 Of Sea and Land

    An epic motivational transition from calm organic ethnic electronica to a powerful & uplifting string led resolve

  6. 6 Hungry Game

    Powerful & building Indian track driven by intense drums and horn stabs with haunting flutes. A transition into an emotional intense orchestra at resolve

  7. 7 Still Bruised

    Mellow atmospheric mood driven sound-scape laden with soft piano chords, synths & pads building with string stabs to a dramatic conclusion

  8. 9 Salt Lake

    Dreamy sound-scape blended with elements of Indian classical ragas with violins, piano and flute that builds into a beautiful resolve

  9. 10 Making Shapes and Sense

    Relaxed Balearic sound with dreamy synth washes and reversed pads which build to a mellow deep resolve