Celestials – UPMCD027 – Subliminal, ethereal journeys

  1. 1 Ganymede

    A poignant piano chord progression is surrounded by layered synth textures and a warm ambience. Thoughtful yet hopeful.

  2. 2 Hyperion

    Melodic yet melancholic solo piano arpeggios intertwine over distant amorphous textures and effects.  Moving and sentimental.

  3. 3 Ariel

    Delicate celesta and piano lullaby with glockenspiels dancing on top. Warm and comforting

  4. 4 Triton

    Gentle synth and piano lines elegantly waltz together over minimal electronic beat.  Light and calm.

  5. 5 Phobos

    Dense synthetic drones and evocative harmonies effortlessly undulate and evolve while accented by a minimal solitary beat.  Gentle and otherworldly.

  6. 6 Mimas

    Shuffling tick-tock rhythms, irregular playful chimes, a resonant sub bass  and background organ melody. Innocent and hopeful.

  7. 7 Oberon

    Languid retro analog synth flutters progress into a gradual uplifting rise of processed piano stabs underpinned by kick beats. Optimistic and warm.

  8. 8 Despina

    Amorphous rhythmic drones and delicately struck chimes echo in spatial ambience.  Fragile and bright.

  9. 9 Callisto

    Evolving, ethereal synths progress over a glitchy electronic beat building into warm nimble chime passages. Warm and angular.

  10. 10 Rhea

    Glacial synth washes and subterranean bass swells are guided by gentle, dancing xylophones and soporific electric piano melodies. Optimistic and buoyant.