Beatforce – UPMCD005 – Club Dubs, Beats & Break Sonics

  1. 1 Shadow Flex

    Down tempo glitch beats, tense melodic Rhodes cut ups over dub bass and old skool cinematic brass swells.

  2. 2 Night Karma

    Oppresive breakbeats dub, heavy breaks, evolving granular synth, cinematic sample cut ups and stuttered FX stings.

  3. 3 Darkest Intent

    Aggressive dubstep excursion, freestyle glitchy dubstep beats and deep B line with alienated synths and FX stings.

  4. 4 Chi Fire

    Ominous dubstep grinder, dark dubstep beats, deep sub bass, Tibetan singing bowl, hard hitting percussion with delayed FX drops.

  5. 5 StepTwoShift

    Intense glitched raver, bouncing 2 step beats,  ravey glitched synths, dubby bass with a euphoric drop and FX stings.

  6. 6 Image Intensifier

    Menacing abstract dub, minimal heavy dub beats, sinister electro synth melodies, and dubby blip FX stings.

  7. 7 Dub Tribe

    Driving tribal dubstep, percussion dub with fizzing synths, heavy bass, uplifting vocal hits and FX stings.

  8. 8 On Point

    Paranoid dubtech groover, heavy dubtech beats, dark melodic guitar samples with intense synths with a building climax to a drop with FX stings.

  9. 9 Vortex Illusion

    Trippy dubstep grower, deep dubstep beats, melodic euphoric keys building to beat drops with glitch FX stings.

  10. 10 Jump Dub

    Raucous skanking bouncer, booming dancehall beats, raucous pitchy synths and vocal samples building to drops with FX stings.

  11. 11 Incoming

    Foreboding dubscape grind, heavy dub beats and bass with menacing filtered synths, tense melodies and FX stings with delays.

  12. 12 Das Adrenal

    Groovin’ electro synths on heavy house beats with climactic stuttered  string builds and FX stings.