Beat Exotica – UPMCD032 – Global Electro & House Beats

  1. 1 Sahel Touch

    Atmospheric Oud introduces driving middle eastern electro-house with soaring Sufi vocals, Moroccan oboe and heavy beats

  2. 2 Pondichery

    Tribal tabla and sitar call responses begin a funky up tempo Indian disco groove with a fast paced Indian melody line keeping the pace throughout

  3. 3 Night in Perth

    A resonant deep didgeridoo rhythm underpins this Ozzie grinder with bouncing bass, beats and blips, relentless percussion and a softer female vocal touch

  4. 4 Chucho Club

    Classic salsa piano intro leads into a high energy percussive Havana house work-out

  5. 5 Edson Arrantes

    Energetic samba guitar introduction is joined by a vibrant percussive bass-line building to a football anthem synth line, exotic vocals and cuica

  6. 6 Punta Del Este

    Fun, upbeat bandoneon melodies dance about a bouncing tango house beat, interspersed with flamboyant drum flurries

  7. 7 Vizir Mon Amour

    Romantic Moroccan clarinet phrase is quickly  joined by frantic percussive drums and further energetic clarinet flourishes and later atmospheric chants

  8. 8 Gypsy Space

    Fun French “manouche” gypsy jazz guitar licks are underpinned by a jaunty rhythm section and quirky FX

  9. 9 Babylon Skanker

    Trippy mellow dub guitar introduction rapidly gives way to raucous ska horn skanker

  10. 10 Black Velvet Jolt

    Traditional Gaelic fiddle introduction rapidly morphs into up-tempo rollicking lilting Irish jig