Awakenings – UPMCD028 – Dreamy, uplifting soundscapes

  1. 1 Cultivation

    Uplifting piano arpeggios intertwine over dreamy synth washes. A languid beat enters with bright chimes.

  2. 2 Conversion

    Insistent reverb bass underpins an ethereal piano melody. Strings and chimes later add an optimistic brightness.

  3. 3 Fruition

    Delicate fairground organ style lullaby melody with bright chimes interplaying above.

  4. 4 Rotation

    Dreamy meditative synths wash over an ethereal spatial ambience. Light guitar phrases add a vivid touch.

  5. 5 Recollections

    Playful music box melodies are joined by floating strings & synths and a languid echoed beat.

  6. 6 Intentions

    Minimal dream-like atmospheres and ambience with a positive emotion.

  7. 7 Dedications

    Solitary chime figures evolve with the addition of celestial synth washes and a leisurely backing beat.

  8. 8 Diversions

    Amorphous evolving synth washes progress under a melancholic string melody accompanied by nimble bright chimes.

  9. 9 Formation

    Lethargic piano chords evolve with uplifting buoyant melodic arpeggios and floating synths.

  10. 10 Transitions

    A heart warming transition from a solitary cello melody through the addition of chimes, strings to an uplifting resolve.