Ultraphonic: created from sound

The real sonic alternative, drawn from the electronic underworld, shaped and presented by genuine electronic music originators; providing a unique source of music within a highly focused bandwidth; the creativity and quality of today’s leading boutique record labels, in production ready format; setting trends rather than following them.

Founded and run by Ed Ashcroft and Paul Vials, co-owners of commercial publishing group District 6, the Ultraphonic roster was initially headed up by composer Tom McCarthy whose sound design and sonic mutilations have shaped ads and promotions for many including Levis, Volkswagen, Malibu, Orange, Pepsi, BBC, MTV and the award winning Blackcurrant Tango.

The label has gathered an impressive roster of composers from both the commercial and production music worlds, including Pascal Bideau (composer of the soundtrack to Manchester Utd biopic, Class of 92), Our Sleepless Forest and Matt Hill, David Monet and Jocelyn Soler of The Name (famous for creating all the music for the cult french TV show, Bref).

With exciting upcoming projects due from critically acclaimed commercial artists Elizabeth Bernholz (Gazelle Twin) & DNB innovator Heist, Ultraphonic continues to blaze a trail in the ever evolving world of production music.

Ultra :
(ul′trə) adj. going beyond the usual limit
Phonic :
(fŏn’ĭk) adj. Of, relating to, or having the nature of sound
Ultraphonic :
(ul′trə fŏn’ĭk) adj. Created from sound